About Atkin Trustees

Atkin Trustees is an independent specialist firm, which prides itself on excellent service and customer satisfaction.  Our trustee services are provided by highly qualified and experienced individuals. 

Established in 1992 by Chris Atkin, the company has expanded primarily through word of mouth.  We provide professional trustee services to around 20 defined benefit pension schemes, typically with assets under £50m.

We know that whilst small schemes have the same governance requirements as larger schemes, they do not have deep pockets and so a thorough but efficient and thoughtful approach is required to contain operating costs.  Our expert trustees can ensure your scheme is run effectively and cost-efficiently.

Our trustees develop personal relationships with the members and the sponsor.  They understand the scheme and can respond appropriately to changes in legislation or market developments. 

Our approach has been developed to meet the needs of smaller schemes, with a focus on practical innovation, commercial common sense and adding value.

From the beginning, I wanted to focus on providing a service to small and medium-sized pension schemes which require a more hands-on and thoughtful approach than larger schemes. They usually have similar problems as larger schemes but without the same resources to throw at them and therefore need more innovative and collaborative solutions.

I believe there is a danger in larger firms that the larger clients can take precedence over the smaller ones and it is only by employing a specialist firm such as Atkin that they are able to get the attention they need.

Chris Atkin – Managing Director