Sole Trustee

Working with the sole trustee to get the right results

Whether you are having difficulty finding volunteers to devote time and resources to act as a sole trustee or looking to streamline decision-making and have a single point of contact, Atkin Trustees can help.

We realise it is hard for many smaller schemes to find willing ‘member nominated trustees’, often leading to a position where company officers feel they have no choice but to act as trustee themselves, which is a drain on their time and leads to issues with conflicts of interest. 

We are trusted as a safe pair of hands, working with our clients to achieve their long term objectives. All aspects of the operation of the scheme are expertly managed by us and benefit from our focus on managing costs and advisors.  We believe our role is to make decisions and only seek advice where it is strictly necessary.

Our clients can have as much, or little, input as they like letting them focus on their own work. Similarly, if you are considering an alternative to the current board structure, perhaps to streamline negotiations, decision making and having a single point of contact, who is always on hand to deal with queries, we can assist.

sole trustee