Why pick Atkin Trustees to help you manage your pension scheme?

Atkin Trustees has the knowledge and expertise to run your defined benefit pension scheme in a way that provides the sponsor and members with reassurance, whilst controlling (and reducing) the costs of operation.

Specifically, we are best placed to satisfy sponsor and member requirements for the following reasons:

We provide members with correct, clear information and respond to queries quickly and in a friendly way.

We understand your objectives.

A Trustee’s duty is to carry out the requirement of the Trust Deed & Rules, but this does not mean that the aims and objectives of the sponsor are ignored. We work on developing a mutual understanding between Trustee and sponsor so that both sides understand the objectives and constraints of the other.

We deliver value for money. 

All services are included in a competitive fixed fee. Rarely will there be additional fees, and then only after discussing the reasons in advance.

We live our values.

Our company values are essential to us and by applying them, we make sure that our most valuable asset; our employees, stay motivated and have a real passion for what they do. We care about what we do for our clients and our employees.

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